It’s all about motivation. meaning.

What makes a textbook good (at least for math) is how well the concepts and ideas are motivated with intuition and real-life examples.

Motivation is the drive that keeps people alive, encouraging them to work hard and excel. Actually it is meaning that drives people alive. It is through meaning that value is created. Creating meaning. Creating value. Meaning=value?
Meaning maker. – Daniel Pink, about right brainers.

No meaning = draining/tiring to one’s being/spirit.

Most textbooks are written in a way that is formal and distant from emotions. Authors perhaps feel safer to act as a third party, stand and distant themselves away from the content of the subject. There is lack of personal touch and narration to the content of the subject.

But why is there a lack of description about the source of motivation in many authors’ works? Why are educators or teachers unable to pass down knowledge from their hearts where authentic life and inspiration springs from?

What is perhaps scary about writing with motivation is that the exposure who you are and the integrity of your whole heart and being. So few can write with motivation because they are unclear about who they are and do not want others to know about their deepest insecurity at their soul. The darkness of a lack of integrity is ashamed to reveal its impure motives and be exposed by the light of sincere motivation.

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