Is diversity necessary?

Is it not because of diversity that makes us feel insecure and confused to find our self and identity? Or is it because of diversity that we have the privilege to journey life in discovering our self and identity? You were born an original. Don’t be a copy.

Is it not because of diversity that there is so much relativism, inequality and unfairness in this world?

Is it not because of diversity that people feel so alone as they cannot find like-minded friends who are similar to themselves?

Is it not because of diversity that people find it difficult and troublesome (or cannot be bothered) to understand and empathize with one another? Issn’t perspective taking like the hardest thing to do? How am I suppose to understand and empathize from the other’s point of view.

What makes you think I am a simple God? I am more complicated and complex than you can ever imagine. – God.

Diversity reflects the BIGness and creativity of God. It makes life less boring and monotonous. Diversity suggests the infinite possibilities of exploring, growing and discovering about life.

Diversity extrapolates the value of finding a friend that is common to you. It makes you treasure and cherish that relationship with your friend.
(finding appropriate supply&desire/chemistry/likemindedness/matches/mismatches)

Diversity honours the role of God and theory, in the sense that both nobly attempts to unify and conceptualise the genesis of diversity in nature.

Diversity shows how wide is God’s love for each and everyone of us. And how deep is His love and personal affection for each and every unique individual.


I always had an issue with explaining diversity. I can’t find a theory to explain diversity other than God made it to be so. Perhaps Piaget’s theory of constructivism can help me.

I used to think that all the ‘easy’ laws of science have been discovered and so there is little room for new research for new knowledge in the universities. But there are actually infinite room for knowledge, creativity and criticality. I argue that there is truly infinite possibilities of art, creativity, knowledge and research. With people being so diverse in their moods, their personalities, their sense of wisdom. And everyone coming from different backgrounds, circumstances and experiences that are vast and wide. And given the current (infinite) knowledge and works of others that we can play and continue to expand on. Would not the permutation and combination of all these people, experiences and knowledge be ever more than infinite? And with social constructivism + diversity of perspective taking, there would again be infinite permutations/combinations of how society can interact with one another.

These are the three factors that permeates diversity of creative and critical thinking. ie, the construction of knowledge.
1. different prior knowledge and past experiences.
2. different innate wiring and intuition for assimilation. (and integrity).
3. the nexus of life forces, the vast existing external knowledge that influences and triggers/inspire intuition to function, defend, construct, assimilate and create.

Caveat about creativity: being creativity may seem good and harmless, but one should also consider the intention/purpose of creation. IS it really going to be value-adding to yourself and society? or are you just trying to disturb the norm to create attention for yourself.

I have always been convicted of how myopic my point of view or perception of things are. I have heard for the umpteen time that this is a BIG and DIVERSE world but don’t all us of view the world from the small lens of our own personal construction of things. For example, I would used to think that why can’t everyone just follow their passion[1] and do the things they like just like how I have naturally pursued mathematics in my younger years. Another example would be my perception that everyone should want to be a teacher (because it seems so fulfilling and reasonably simple to me). I would think that everyone would have wanted or can be a teacher[2]. So there is no big deal about a teacher. And that being a teacher is like an easy way out. Is trivial. nothing to be proud about. that being a teacher is a common vocation. Well..perhaps it is, but I just want to highlight my authentic myopic thoughts and view of things.

I find it difficult to understand why people find it difficult to do math, or even dislike math. From my point of view, it is just too unbelievable for me to accept that people would struggle with math. (I would then try to attribute such behavior to external factors like poor parents or teachers that these people might have gone through with. I dunno). People don’t like math because math is rather introspective with little external sensual emotions involved? I have been in this world for 25 years and I still find it hard to accept we all really think differently. Diversity has been head knowledge and it really takes a lot of authentic experiences for me to take perspective and bring diversity down to my heart. Our different innate wiring + different background and past experiences will cause us to have very different interpretation and understanding of issues. People can also be different in their need towards details (eg. for evidence and realisticness) or just a rough idea, depending on how important that subject of info is to them.

Taking perspective might really be going into a completely different dimension of the other’s point of view of the world. – Huiling. And how others take perspective and interact with more others would again be a completely (higher) dimension of comprehension. ie. the social experience between others could be very different from your own social interaction with the others, bringing out the many different dimensions/layers of social interaction/participation/experience between one another. Understanding diversity is way too mind blogging.

'common' senseEven now, I cannot say I understand the diversity of nature. I cannot even say I understand the diversity of people who are close to me. Yet at the back of mind, I still question why pre-believers cannot see the magnificent beauty of God and the amazing grace of Jesus. What is common sense to me is not common sense to them. Taking perspective is really tough. Are these people superficial with thoughts and perhaps find it tiring to dwell deep into the matter of issues? Then, if I cannot even take perspective from the people who are close to me, how am I suppose to take perspective of pre-believers? Even among believers, I am sure we are all extremely diverse in our reasons and conviction to have accepted the love of God.

There is also another question that has been puzzling to me. Why would Satan be so foolish to oppose an almighty God? We all say that Satan is really clever in deception but is Satan not ultimately stupid to oppose God? This seems like a contradiction to me. Now, if I cannot even understand the people close to me, lest will I be able understand pre-believers who do not seem interested in God’s magnificence, would I be able to understand the mindset and stupidity of Satan? and other issues concerning the spiritual realm.

I only know that I know nothing. – Socrates.


[1] I now think life is not really about following your gifts and passion. Finding your personal identity is important, but secondary, and would come from a more fundamental truth. that life is about finding your identity in Christ. to embrace your identity as a child of God. to realize that He can speak to you. eg. via your intuition/conscience. to be so convinced (faith) that He will take care of you. in any (dire) situation. to love and learn about yourself and one another, enjoy and have fun in and as God’s creation. in the midst of struggling for survival (pursuing money) on earth.

[2] Being a teacher may be common and possible for everyone, but not all would want/desire to teach a subject and make teaching a profession. Everyone is diverse in their desire/makeup of vocations.

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