Hamiltonian mechanics?

Laziness of particle to move from one place to another in order to save energy.

sum of KE and PE = particle action? minimise particle action?

eg. Snell’s law where light travels to minimize time taken to reach from one point to another.

Why on earth is my prof blabbing at his own whim and fancy? I find him extremely inconsiderate to babble whatever comes to his mind and leave students (or at least me) hanging in the air to handle his jargon. Then as I am trying to catch and reflect on what he was babbling, I lose my momentum in the flow of the lesson as I am distracted to multitask between moving forward with the lesson and to sort and make sense of that previous babble. The lag makes me lose track to flow smoothly for the rest of the class as I feel that I am losing bits and pieces of information of what is happening when I was still behind trying to bridge the gap from that inconsiderate babble. My mood is also upset and annoyed to keep up with the rest of the class.

Disclaimer: if you think you know who the person I am describing is, No, it is not who you think he is.

He would always complain he really want to this and that… (eg. all sorts of fancy math software that I really cannot catch what he wanted to do)… and say that he really wanted to teach us this and that…but cannot seem to find the time to fit in… and end up teaching us all sorts of his martian nonsense…that is relevant to him, his past and era. Clearly, he is not sufficiently prepared for his lessons, but is able to just flow and babble along whatever comes to his mind to make the lesson flow. What kind of teacher would rant about his inadequacies and get students to listen to his fantasies? ARGH. God, I hate him. He said he would do this and that… to show us this and that… only to leave his promises empty handed and make ME so ANNOYED.  How is it that my classmates are able to tolerate him? How is it that God wants me to remain my smile and cool? He talked about a math outdoor activity that can be done on some soccer court but didn’t follow up on it. This shows his lack of planning in his schedule and lessons for us. He could have better prepared his slides and upload them in a timely fashion after each lesson. He should even give worksheet eg. during the outdoor class activity, to help students better retain the knowledge that he is sharing. His laziness to prepare for his lessons or draw a diagram for the gallery problem in his latex slides really turns me off.

I am so sorry that I am super biased and have to rant against you. Sorry prof. But I really must let it all out. I still love you like Jesus would love you. Why am I so annoyed with you? I hope I will never be your student again else I would just continue to clash with your teaching methods.

I don’t think he has a wide background of secondary school teaching experience because he is always soliciting the class for opinions on what we think are some of the errors or difficulties that our students tend to face. As one can also check, he is not an author of the green book, which attempts to make math pedagogically simple for secondary school students. He always tend to propose martian examples and then admit that they are not really suitable for secondary level. (eg. some computing use? of binomial theorem or in deriving the derivative of x^n). And he likes to flaunt what he knows about the history of mathematics and carries this ancient baggage around despite its relevance to our current times and needs. (sometimes it is fun to know but most of the time, he is just babbling to himself eg. his favorite chinese drama, some ancient japanese? triangle listing resembling pascal’s triangle). It really feels like he is covering up his inadequacies by pridefully smoking up random stuff to move on. I really think he is a MESS as an nie teacher and should just hide himself in his own martian world of math. Because of his lack of preparation, he would just speak whatever randomness in his mind and hope that it smokes and find relevance in his class.

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