Mood sets the mood for me to write about mood.

Education sets the mood to study, but should cater room for pacing and rest.

Deadlines/stress sets the mood to work, but there should also be time for rest.

Mood sets the motivation/appropriateness/atmosphere/ambience to do something. eg. festivals.

Different times of the day (morning, afternoon, evening, night) entails different mood to ponder/work/play/exercise/socialise/sleep.

Making an appointment to meet with people/perform a task sets the mood/heart/atmosphere to get ready for the appointment. Without the appointment, the mood reduces to personal individual time like watching a sermon/ introspection.

Ask and you shall be given. Asking for help sets the mood for others to offer help to you.

Bad things happen sets the mood to grieve about the meaning of life.

Maturity plays a part in the settings/mood of community, conversations and culture too. eg. tactful/respectful choice of words.

Likemindedness, closeness and understanding of one another in the community also plays its part in affecting the mood of the culture.

Human behavior are very much governed by their maturity, moods and emotions. The culture therefore plays a huge influence in setting the mood and behaviour of the community.

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