theory vs God

Sometimes, I get confused whose side am I on.

Does my identity lies in theory (word of God?) or my identity also lies in God.

Reason/wisdom/philosophy is the handmaiden of God?

Do you think theories can define me and the world I created? – God.

A theory may be applicable to me, but does it mean others can relate to your theory? Taking perspective might really be going into a completely different dimension of the other’s point of view of the world. – Huiling.
Concepts create idols, only wonder grasp everything. – Gregory of Nyssa
I only know I know nothing. – Socrates.

So I need God. And God is above quotes, theories, advice, principles and reason.

The secret is continually calling us deeper into its secret, but will never and refuses to be reduced to our ‘relative’ or ‘objective’ conclusions about it. – PP, Courage to teach.

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