The Jesus virus/philosophy. Always thinking about how I can bring someone closer to Jesus.

But I am beginning to doubt…is loving one another just a lame ideal/fantasy? Is it really possible? in this dog-eat-dog world. where people are struggling to survive. to keep themselves ahead in hope for an affluent future. to overcome (past) insecurity due to money.

Survival vs love others. Seeing life as a pursuit of affluence/dreams vs Seeing life as a test of love for the Lord.

Am I really able to live out loving one another? instead of it being mere words…

Do I really believe that God will provide for me? to love one another. based on my identity and my circumstantial background.

I may be able to embrace Jesus’s philosophy, but since I can never completely understand the other’s background/ point of view, Is it really fair for me to impose this philosophy to others and my students? Is this philosophy really useful/fair/relevant/practical for them in this difficult (money-minded) world that we live in?

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