the art of scolding (and smiling)

Scolding with dignity. The art of paying back evil with a balance of both evil and good. The necessary use of evil for good.

It’s been said that for every one corrective criticism you bring up you must offset that by also bringing up SEVEN positive features of that person.  That you have to almost over compensate for the negative that needs addressing so you don’t lower the self-image of that person.  How exhausting!  It’s almost as if a leader has to powder the bottom of grown people in order to correct their behavior.  Let me tell you, this is ridiculous.

3 praise, 1 AFI.
Extend your scolding beyond the person. It is natural for a person to feel uncomfortable when being scolded, let them cover themselves with a smile. Remind them a second time (firm) why you scolded them out from the authority of safety or your identity.

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