Accept Yourself as You Are, Even When Others Don’t

Looking Out

What other people think of me is none of my business.” ~Wayne Dyer

“You’re too quiet.”

This comment and others like it have plagued me almost all my life. I don’t know how many times I’ve been told that I needed to come out of my shell, to be livelier, or to talk more.

As a child and teenager, I allowed these remarks to hurt me deeply. I was already shy, but I became even more self-conscious as I was constantly aware of people waiting for me to speak.

When I did, the response was often, “Wow! Louise said something!”

This would make me just want to crawl back into my shell and hide. I became more and more reserved.

The older I got, the angrier I became. Each time someone told me I was “too quiet,” I wondered what exactly they were hoping to achieve anyway. Did they imagine I had a magic button I could press that would turn me into Miss Showbiz?  

If only it were that simple, I thought. I felt I should be accepted as I was, but apparently that wasn’t going to happen. There was only one thing for it; I would have to become the extrovert the world wanted me to be, but how?

At 17, I thought I’d found the perfect solution: alcohol.

When I was drunk, everyone seemed to like me. I was fun and outgoing; able to talk to anyone with no problems at all. However, it began to depress me that I needed a drink to do this or for anyone to like me.

Another strategy was to attach myself to a more outgoing friend. I did this at school, university, and later when I began to travel a lot in my twenties.

Although I didn’t do it consciously, wherever I went I would make friends with someone much louder than me. Then I’d become their little sidekick, going everywhere with them, trying to fit in with all their friends, and even adopting aspects of their personality.

Sometimes I just tried faking it.

When I was 24, I began teaching English as a Foreign Language, and a month into my first contract in Japan, I was told my students found me difficult to talk to. I was upset because I thought I had made an effort to be friendly and I didn’t understand what else I could do.

After crying all night because once again I wasn’t good enough, I went into work the next day determined to be really lively and talkative. Of course, it didn’t work because everyone could see I was being false.

It seemed that I was doomed. I would never be accepted. Being a naturally loud person was the only way to be liked.

Or maybe not.

Over the years, I’ve spoken to several talkative, extroverted people who’ve been told they’re too loud or that they talk too much. It seems whatever personality you’ve got you’re always going to be “too much” of something for someone.

What really matters is: do you think you need to change?

My shyness has made some areas of my life more difficult. It’s something I’ve been working on all my life and I always will be in order to do all the things I want to do.

However, I’ve realized I’m always going to be an introvert, which is not the same thing.

I enjoy going out and socializing, but I also enjoy being alone. At work I talk to people all day, every day. I like my job, but as an introvert, I get tired after all that interaction, so later I need some quiet time to “recharge my batteries.”

I can overcome my shyness. I can’t overcome my introversion, but actually, I wouldn’t want to because I’m happy being this way.

Be kind to yourself if you decide to change.

While I’m still shy, I no longer worry about it.  When speaking to new people, if something comes out wrong or I get my words mixed up, I just laugh to myself about my nervousness rather telling myself how weird the other person must’ve thought I was.

In the past I was terrified of any form of public speaking. Now my job is getting up in front of people and talking. After a rocky start in Japan, my students now see me as funny (sometimes!) and confident.

So I think I’m doing alright. No, I don’t understand why I can’t just be like that with everyone, but I’m not going to beat myself up about it. I’m doing my best and that’s all I can do.

Don’t be afraid to lose false friends.

When you’re always being told you’re too much of this or not enough of that, it’s easy to start thinking you have to be grateful that anyone is willing to spend time with you.

I used to put up with friends who treated me badly because I thought if I stood up for myself, I’d lose their friendship and I’d end up all alone.

Eventually, in my last year teaching abroad, I did stand up for myself and my worst fear came true. I was left completely friendless.

And you know what? It was okay. The time alone taught me to enjoy my own company, and gave me the chance to learn more about myself. This has gradually led to me attracting more positive people into my life.

Could your supposed weakness actually be your strength?

I’m a good listener, so friends feel able to talk to me if they have a problem and they know I’m not going to tell anyone.

I’m an efficient worker because I just get on with the job. I can empathize with shy students in my class. I don’t force them to speak but leave them alone, knowing that they’ll talk when they feel more comfortable.

There’s a reason why you were made the way you are. If we were all supposed to be the same, we would be.

I’ve stopped trying to make everyone like me and I’ve stopped trying to be something I’m not. As a result, any changes in my character happen naturally as my confidence continues to grow.

The “quiet” comments are also now few and far between. When you learn to accept yourself, you’re likely to find that others will accept you too.

But if they don’t, it really doesn’t matter.

Photo by Petr MK


Why is it so hard to get a girlfriend when you are quiet?

I’m a quiet guy, in my early twenties and I’ve never had a proper girlfriend before. I’m a quiet/shy & reserved kind of guy but I’m really nice to people who are nice to me. I don’t a lot of friends, I’ve been through hell with having friends because all I ever do is fight with people simply because I’m quiet and don’t do the things that people my age do. People have given up on me, think I’m boring to be around with but I really want someone to love and them to love me back. I hate being alone.
Don’t worry, I’m an 18 year old girl and never had a boyfriend and like you am shy and I don’t have any friends. People seem to avoid quiet people even though if they took the time to talk to us, then we open up more and can be loyal friends. I even left school in my last year and was self taught because I was bullied for being quiet (and that only made me more quiet) it is really hard when people like me and you are quiet because people just assume that we are boring and don’t like to have fun. I think that you will eventually find a girl who won’t care that you’re shy and want to be with you and get to know you more because she finds you intreging 🙂 as for friends, they will always come and go through out your life, hardly anyone is friends with the same people their whole life because people and situations change. I know from experience that it sucks being single but I keep think that I am waiting for the right guy, like you are waiting for the right girl. Your time will come 🙂
It’s harder because most girls are attracted to guys that can bring them excitement and security. Try going out more and making friends, having a girlfriend or boyfriend isn’t that important, have fun!
aha you sound EXACTLY like me >< most of my mates have given up cause theyre always like “oh come out and come into town” and id rather sit at home watching a movie by myself (preferably another girl but thats hard to do when im single) o_O i found someone once when i least expected it you just have to be patient i guess 🙂 (either that or have a massive “thing”)

Well, you got a lot of problems. And I don’t sugarcoat my advice.

First off, we’ll focus on your problems.
You are quiet. Girls don’t want to spend the time to force you out of your shell. You need to put yourself out there, and be a man. Stop being quiet and reserved. That was how you got women back in the 1800’s. Today, you do that you’ll die alone.
You may have friends, but if you want a girl friend, you need to put yourself out there. Think of yourself as a business, and putting yourself out there as advertising. You’ll reach a few people and they’ll want to meet you and get to know you more. If you don’t do anything to try and put your name out there, you’ll get a few people that try to know you, but no where near the number that will if you put yourself out there.

Second problem:
When girls are young, (<25 ish) they want the confident, strong, controlling guys. Pretty much, the bad boys and players. The guys that will hurt them. These girls are the ones that when you turn 30, and have a good salary, nice house and good 401(k), they will be chasing you. Why? Because, they have 2 kids from their loser ex’s, with no support from those ex’s because they either don’t have good jobs, or have an illegal job (like a drug dealer), and they have money problems, and they need someone to SAVE them. The majority of girls fall into this category.
The girls you want, are not going to be the most physically attractive. (I know there are exceptions) these girls are bit more humble and homely. The difference though, is these girls look down at a player and bad boy as trash. These girls will love you, and you can trust them with everything. Your wealth, health, and heart.
I still preach against marriage (google Marriage 2.0) but you want the second type. Trust me. You’ll fall in love with them. You just have to find them. Finding them is VERY difficult. They are like a piece of hay in a stack of needles (reason for the switch: if you pick the wrong thing up, it will hurt! it will continue hurting until you pick up the right one)

Honestly, I would tell you, focus on school, get a good job, and meet the girls in your classes.


I would also advise, try listening to Tom Leykis.
He may give you some good advice. Don’t follow everything he does, because I doubt you’ll be happy if you do, but he’ll give you some good advice.
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